International Journal of Scottish Theatre

Over the past forty years there has been a major renaissance of all aspects of Scottish theatre, from acting through playwriting, to the recent conception of the long awaited National Theatre of Scotland. This in turn means that there has been an increasing interest in both teaching and studying Scottish theatre at a number of universities across the United Kingdom.

The international dimension complements this growing phenomenon. In September 1999, the Staging the Nation conference on the topic of Scottish theatre production in the period between the 1960s and the 1990s, was held at Queen Margaret University (then College). It attracted attention and papers from all over the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Croatia. The French periodical Etudes écossaises is now in its fifteenth year of publication, while in Germany there is an ever increasing number of departments where work is concerned with cultural, literary, linguistic or dramatic aspects of Scottish studies.

The International Journal of Scottish Theatre (IJoST) was established in 1999, and it now returns after a five year hiatus in a slightly altered and improved format, although its mission remains the same - to publish papers on all aspects of theatre and performance in Scotland and on the (re)presentation of Scotland and Scottish drama, theatre and performance on the international stage.

We aim to cover all the various perspectives - practical, theoretical, theatrical, dramatic, dramaturgic, critical, historical, economic, political, sociological, etc. and we particularly welcome papers with an interdisciplinary or innovative approach.



Change of Title


From August 2011 this journal continues as The International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen.

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