The process of the legislative regulation of themusic therapy profession in Cyprus — Antonia Plysi & Panagiota Kapnisi


  • Antonia Plysi Independent scholar, Cyprus
  • Panagiota Kapnisi Independent scholar, Cyprus



Cyprus, music therapy law, statutory consolidation, health profession, legislative regulation


On 5th May 2022, a law on the registration of music therapists and other related matters [Ν.68(1)2022] was unanimously ratified by the House of Representatives in Cyprus. This report describes in detail the process that the Cyprus Music Therapy Association (CyMTA) followed in order to achieve legislative regulation of the music therapy profession. Before analysing the regulation process, we present a short introduction to Cyprus’ history to clarify the particular political situation of the country. Then, we provide a historical review of the development of music therapy and the music therapy profession in Cyprus. Finally, we describe the Cypriot constitutional framework, as the statutory consolidation of the music therapy profession in Cyprus was mainly achieved through constitutional procedures.

Author Biographies

Antonia Plysi, Independent scholar, Cyprus

Antonia Plysi is a music therapist, musicologist, and classical guitarist who lives and works in Cyprus. She studied Musicology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and received her postgraduate degree in Music Therapy at Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. Antonia has been working as a music therapist in the public schools of Special Education in Cyprus since 2018 and she is the president of the Cyprus Music Therapy Association (CyMTA) since 2016. As the president of the CyMTA, her main goals have been the recognition of music therapy as a health profession in Cyprus and the achievement of state legislation governing the registration of music therapists. []

Panagiota Kapnisi, Independent scholar, Cyprus

Panagiota Kapnisi is a music therapist and singing teacher who has been working in Cyprus since 2014. She graduated from the University of Strasbourg with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Musicology and Music. Then, she completed a Master’s degree in Music Therapy at the University of Roehampton. She also obtained LΤCL diploma in classical singing from Trinity College of London. She has a broad spectrum of experience within her professional life as a music therapist, including work in the following fields: children and adults with special needs, mental health, rehabilitation, and nursing homes. Panagiota is a member of the council of the CyMTA since 2019 and has worked actively in the process towards the legal recognition of the profession of music therapy in Cyprus. []