Music therapy dictionary: A place of interdisciplinary encounters [in Greek]

Welcome to the Music Therapy Dictionary, a place of interdisciplinary encounters. The starting point for the development of this English-Greek dictionary was the necessity to create a shared language that would clarify terminology and provide recommendations, while at the same time it would support the music therapy discourse, research and education in the Greek language.

This initiative draws on Approaches' longstanding work as an English-Greek bilingual journal. The translational dilemmas and choices that inform the dictionary have permeated the efforts and the behind-the-scenes discussions of the team of Approaches from 2008 to the present day aiming to advance the scientific terminology in music therapy.

This undertaking is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all the concepts and terms pertaining to the field of music therapy. It makes a first step by opening up a space for a fertile academic dialogue, where the knowledge and interpretation of foreign language concepts and terms are achieved through opportunities for continuous exchange of ideas, reflection, consideration and re-consideration. Our primary intention is to create through the dictionary a place of interdisciplinary encounters, where concepts, terms, theories and authors from both the field of music therapy and other related fields contribute to an informed documentation, rendering and interpretation of foreign language terms.

To download the dictionary as a PDF file, please click here.

1.2 edition, December 2023. The dictionary is part of Approaches PLUS.

Brief contents [in Greek]

Προλογικά σημειώματα [in English]
Εισαγωγή των επιμελητών    
Ενότητα Α | Λεξικό όρων        
Ενότητα Β | Αρκτικόλεξα
Ενότητα Γ | Λήμματα
Παράρτημα λημμάτων
Λίστα συγγραφέων
Οι επιμελητές

New entries and updates

The first edition of the dictionary is a first step towards the systematic organisation and linguistic rendering of terms and concepts. In this edition we focus on the rendering of a limited number of terms that have been elaborated by colleagues upon invitation. The advancement and continuous development of the academic discourse, however, requires an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue and therefore we hope to update the dictionary with new entries at regular intervals. To this end, we encourage music therapists and professionals from related fields to submit their own suggestions for terms and entries to be added to future editions. These additions may also involve different or alternative renditions and translations of terms that are presented in the current edition.

The submission of new entries and/or updates takes place by completing the following online form: All submissions are evaluated by the editorial team based on the peer review policy of Approaches.

Editorial team

The editorial team of the dictionary consists of:

Giorgos Tsiris, Queen Margaret University & St Columba’s Hospice Care, UK
Mitsi Akoyunoglou, ​Ionian University, Greece
Dimitra Papastavrou, Independent scholar, Greece
Konstantina Katostari, Amimoni & Pan-Hellenic Association of Families for Mental Health, Greece

To communicate with the editors please email us at: